1. Consultation Questionnaire

AdvoCard is reviewing its Mission Statement. This describes the organisation's aims and objectives in a short paragraph. This review process includes consultation with staff, volunteers, service users and others. We are keen to hear your views.

The current Statement is as follows:

"AdvoCard is an Edinburgh-wide advocacy project for adults who have experience of mental ill health. We provide a free, independent and confidential service which supports people in getting their voices heard.

"Our long-term aim is to work towards a community where each individual’s needs are met and where people have greater influence over the services they use."

This Statement was last reviewed in 2006. Since then, AdvoCard has expanded beyond providing an individual, community advocacy service across Edinburgh to include:

* provision of individual advocacy for in-patients at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. This includes:
o Acute Wards
o Rehabilitation Wards
o Care of Older People
o Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
o Acquired Brain Injury

* being the host agency for the Patients' Council at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

Given the above, we would welcome your thoughts on how best to reflect AdvoCard's values and its current activities, whilst allowing for continued development in the future.

This review will consider the views of all stakeholders, as outlined above. The Mission Statement will be finalised by the Management Committee, before being submitted to AdvoCard's Annual General Meeting on 1 December 2010.

Question Title

* 1. What are your views on the geographical area outlined in AdvoCard’s mission statement?
(This is currently ‘Edinburgh-wide’)

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* 2. Tell us what you think about the description of the people who can be assisted by AdvoCard?
(The current form of words is ‘adults who have experience of mental ill-health’)

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* 3. What do you think about the phrase ‘advocacy project’?

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* 4. What do you think about the use of the words ‘free, independent, confidential’?

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* 5. What are your views on the ‘long-term aim’?

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* 6. Any other comments about AdvoCard's mission statement?

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* 7. Any other comments about AdvoCard’s ethos, or its activities?

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* 8. If you'd like to be kept informed about AdvoCard's activities in the future, please enter your email address here. We will not share this with anyone else.

Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you.