If you are an individual with a disability or family member, and have been involved in a Wisconsin Board for People with Disabilities (BPDD) activity during the last year,please take a moment to complete this brief survey.  This survey provides BPDD important information about the impact we are having on the lives of people with disabilities and their family members.
 If you have already completed the survey this year, please do not complete it again.

As a result of participating in a WI-BPDD project or activity during the past year...........

* 1. I have:

* 2. I have increased my participation in:

* 3. I feel more confident that:

* 4. I have increased my self-advocacy

* 5. I am better able to say what I want

* 6. I am now participating in advocacy activities

* 7. I am now on cross disability coalitions, advisory boards, governing bodies and or serving in a leadership position

* 8. Please tell us whether you are:

* 9. Please tell us whether you are:

* 10. During the past year which of the following BPDD projects/activities have you participated in?

* 11. Were you satisfied with the BPDD project/activity that you participated in during the past year?

* 12. Is your life better as a result of participating in a BPDD project/activity during the past year?

* 13. Please share a story of how participating in WI-BPDD activities has made your life better.

* 14. Please provide the following information (optional):