Community Roadmap for Youth

For more information or to request the survey in an accessible Word doc format contact Donna McAllister at

* 1. Is your disability visible, invisible or both?

* 2. Are you considered a minority?

* 3. Do you live in a rural area?

* 4. Is transportation a barrier to employment for you? Please answer yes or no and explain why or why not.

* 5. Do you disclose your disability at school or work? Please indicate yes or no and explain why or why not.

* 6. Did you or do you currently have employment experience prior to completing secondary or post-secondary education (i.e. co-op, internship, summer employment, etc.)? Please indicate yes or no. If you answered no please explain why not.

* 7. What type of employment have you had before completing or while in school?

* 8. Have you partaken in any transition from school to work programs for youth with disabilities? Please explain.

* 9. How can schools, colleges, universities and employers better promote and raise awareness to students with disabilities about available supports and accommodations?