Dr Debi Warner is here to help. Please complete these questions so that we can best meet your needs.

Your answers are confidential.  Don't worry about spelling and such.  Just some general info so we can match your needs to our services. 

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Dr Debi Warner helps you with her positive approaches that strengthen your coping and outlook.

Dr Debi Warner has decades of experience in postive psychology.

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* 1. Dr Debi Warner has 4 decades of experience in positive approaches to handling life challenges, from dealing with changes, to handling big calamities. Her strength based positive outlook shines through with practical ways to transform your difficulties into opportunities.

What sort of things do you wish to work on with Dr Debi Warner?
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* 2. What is your availability?  Work schedule/transportation/kids?

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* 3. Dr Warner is involved in many projects and so she schedules her care work several weeks ahead.  How soon do you expect or need an appointment?

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* 4. All new care will begin with a consultation with Dr Warner. You will have an hour or more to tell your story and then Dr Warner and you will confer on ways to meet your needs and also receive feedback from Dr Warner about your concerns.

If you determine in that consultation that you wish to begin regular treatment sessions, a customized plan will be developed with you that will also disclose all costs anticipated.

If you might wish to leave things open ended, you may return for another consultation at another time.

Initial consultation cost is $500 for a 1.5 to 2 hour session.
Follow up Psychotherapy cost is $250 per session (typically 60-80 minutes).

What would you like to discuss in your initial consultation?

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