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Please complete the post-assessment survey to participate in the virtual 2022 Webb Academy.

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* 1. Post-Assessment Survey

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I can define the role of the Director of Recruitment.
I can name the coordinator roles associated with my position and articulate how they can assist me with recruitment.
I can list at least ten recruitment resources (physical resources and people) available to help my chapter with recruitment.
I can define Dynamic Recruitment.
I can list the six steps of the Sig Tau Growth System.
I can articulate my chapter’s brand to potential new members.
I can define “Prospect Pool."
I can identify ten different “pipelines” (ways of generating potential new members) to build my potential new member list this semester.
I know my chapter’s recruitment goal for this semester.
I know the number of names I need on my chapter’s “name’s list” to meet my recruitment goal for this semester.
I know how to utilize ChapterBuilder.
I know the best messages to use when reaching out to a potential new member and have practiced using them.
I know how to build authentic connections with potential new members during recruitment activities and events.
I have a list of great questions and conversation topics to ask and discuss with potential new members during recruitment.
I know the minimum requirements for fraternity membership.
I can define “Values-Based Selection” and describe how to use it to determine who should receive a bid from my chapter.
I know how to evaluate risk in a potential new member.
I can define “Pre-Close” and know how to perform one well.
I know how to address all the common concerns of joining a fraternity (finances, time commitment, etc.) expressed by potential new members.
I have a list of ideas and best practices for extending a bid to a potential new member and to a group of potential new members.
I know how to release a potential new member from the recruitment process with confidence and respect.
I feel confident about the recruitment plan I have for this semester.
The lead facilitator and Headquarters Staff were engaging and knowledgeable.
My small group facilitator was engaging and knowledgeable.
I plan on staying in touch with members of my track small group.
As a result of attending Webb, I feel more confident in my officer role.
As a result of attending Webb, I feel I can contribute to making my chapter better overall.
This program helped me feel more connected to the fraternity.
Overall, I am satisfied with my Webb Academy experience.
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