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As you may know, three developers (Qualico, Shape, and Loblaw) are planning for significant developments in the area near COP, Crestmont, and Valley Ridge. With your input we could try to influence the process so that the development becomes a great addition to our city and community. Please take 5-10 minutes to share your opinion.

Please Note:
- All surveys are anonymous.
- You do not have to answer all questions (10 questions in total).
- If you wish to get more details please contact us at info@crestmontcommunity.org
- More information and additional links on the developments are available on our website: www.crestmontcommunity.org

* 1. Are you aware of the following development proposals that will affect the Crestmont community?

  Never heard of it Heard a little about it Have seen some of the plans
Shape Properties: Proposing a re-zoning to allow for up to 920 multi-family residential units plus 800,000 square feet of commercial development plus 200,000 square feet of office space and parks.
Qualico Communities: Proposing a re-zoning to develop up to 439 housing units including single detached, semi-detached, and townhouses. Public park space is included.
Loblaw Properties West and BVX Development Corporation: Proposing to re-zone to be able to develop up to 1325 multi-family residential units (such townhouses and towers). In addition, a grocery store, office space other commercial uses, and public park space.