Permission to Play Out-of-Zone: 
7.1 Players wishing to play under-11, under-13, or under-15 Alliance or City League, as well as under-13 PSL may request Permission to Play Out-of-Zone (PTPOZ); that is, in a zone other than one in which they are otherwise deemed resident.

7.2 All divisions of under-11 to under-15 players residing within 100km of Saskatoon register with the zone in which the zone boundary extends. All players belonging to an outside SSA MO within 100km radius of Saskatoon who wish to play outside of their designated home zone will need to supply the PTPOZ Form to the SYSI office as per sections 7.3 and 7.4.

7.3 A player or their legal guardian must make application for PTPOZ. Application is made by submitting a PTPOZ form to the SYSI office. Once such form has been submitted the office the player is then eligible and encouraged to participate in both their home zone and requested zone player evaluations or tryouts. Attending both sets ensures the player has not missed evaluations in the case he or she has been granted or denied their request and will have a team to play on regardless of the decision.

7.4 PTPOZ process of approval or denial shall be handled solely between the home zone and the requested zone. The form is to be sent directly to the SYSI office who will then forward the request to the two applicable zone registrars. If the two zones disagree on granting the request the decision shall be in favour of the home zone’s decision.

7.6 Players who are granted PTPOZ shall attend player evaluations or tryouts. They will be deemed resident of the zone in which they have been granted special permission to play as long as the zone needs players and can accommodate them.

7.7 PTPOZ is granted for one season only unless granted special permission by the home zone.

7.8 A player granted PTPOZ for more than one season might later choose to register with the participant organization of the zone in which the residence of their legal guardian is located. In doing so, they relinquish their PTPOZ approved status.

7.9 The initial deadline for all PTPOZ requests will be seven (7) days prior to the zone team declaration date in any given season. All players must be advised of a decision within four (4) days before the zone team declaration is due and any player who submits a request into the office after the initial deadline must be advised of the decision within four (4) days of their request. The responsibility for advising such players lies with the home zone in which the player initially registered and is deemed a resident. Failure to meet this responsibility may result in disciplinary action.

7.10 The player has a right to submit an appeal (see Appeals Process Section)

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Outdoor 2024: Residence is determined where you were residing as of February 1, 2024
Indoor 2024-25: Residence is determined where you were residing as of June 15, 2024

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* 10. Year Last Played:

Reasons for denying the request may include:
- The player was not selected for a team in a desired division in zone of registration
- A player wishes to play with other siblings or a specific coach.
- A player wishes to play with friends/schoolmates
- A player wishes to rejoin teammates from a previous season

Notwithstanding these guidelines, the zone may consider other relevant aspects of a PTPOZ request to ensure that the best interests of the player and soccer community are served by its ruling.
The zone will consider a player's wishes based on the available room in the zone which was requested. 

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* 16. I agree that I am the player or the parent/legal guardian of the registrant. I am 18 years of age or older or the parent or legal guardian of the registrant and I have read this form and related policies, and agree to be bound to SYSI bylaws.