Please answer each question, but know that not all questions may be included in your posted profile. Tell your story in a conversational and approachable style. Each answer should be less then 100 words and even then they may still be edited for length. The questions cover a wide range of topics because each prospective student and alumni will find different aspects of your story interesting. Answer the questions based on your level of comfort in sharing about yourself.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Class Year
(Gustavus graduation year)

* 4. Life at Gustavus
(What were your curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular activities? How did you become involved and what did you enjoy about your primary activities? What took most of your time? What activity or involvement were you most interested in or passionate about at Gustavus?)

* 5. Why did you choose Gustavus?

* 6. Current Career
(Position, company/organization, short description of your work)

* 7. How have you been involved in your community?

* 8. What is the value of your Gustavus education?

* 9. How do you remain connected to the Gustavus community?
(Do you attend campus events, meet with alum friends, contribute financially to the college, host interns at your company, follow Gustie athletics?)

* 10. What is a favorite Gustavus story or memory you tell when talking with others about Gustavus?

* 11. What is a favorite story about a professor or classroom experience?

* 12. What is your favorite Gustavus tradition?