How soon do you allow your patients to drive after rotator cuff surgery?

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Stanford University Sports Medicine and the VA Palo Alto Health Care System have designed a survey to understand what postoperative driving restrictions that you, the surgeon implement, if any, on your patients after rotator cuff surgery. We need your help.

The survey is divided into Two Parts. We would like to gather your opinions to various case-based scenarios in Part 1 followed by broader practice guideline concerns that you may have regarding this subject in Part 2.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.


Part 1 is composed of five (5) cases with six (6) questions per case. Please select one of the drop-down menu choices. There is no right or wrong answer. All cases assume an uncomplicated outcome, so that recovery parameters remain typical for your practice. Please assume that all patients have a valid driver’s license in the state that they wish to drive, and that they are off of any significant narcotic medications that would otherwise affect their ability to drive a motor vehicle. If you no longer perform a particular surgical procedure, just answer as you would have treated him.

Read each case carefully as some scenarios may be similar. However, these differences will be highlighted by bold and/or underlining to distinguish them. In each case, we seek your recommendations as to when you first allow a patient to drive a motor vehicle post-operatively; keeping in mind, however, that this may be very different from how soon your patient may actually drive, independent of your recommendations.

Part 2 is for you to provide us some feedback by your answers, comments and/or suggestions as well as gather demographic information.

** Please Note: “safety zone of comfort” implies that the patient can hold a steering wheel comfortably and move it without significant discomfort such as in a parking lot.