People forget facts, but remember stories. 
No matter what business you are in, you are already in the business of storytelling.
As we deal with information overload, data dumps and information clutter, storytelling has become a powerful way of conveying ideas.

The Storytelling and Public Speaking Course covers the ‘Why, What and How’ of  storytelling through a pedagogy that is a mix of concepts, real time skill building and experiential learning.

Covering a range of topics from how to tell a story, elevator pitches, weaving numbers into narratives, executive presence, speaking confidently and telling the story or your work, this course aims to help the participants become better storytellers. The  course will enable every participant to build their personal bank of stories and develop their individual style of delivering them. 

Instructor: Ameen Haque, Founder of Storywallahs

Cost: Rs. 20,000 (inclusive of course materials)
Thursday, April 26th 6pm-10pm
Friday, April 27th 9am-6pm
Saturday, April 28th 9am-6pm

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