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This project is funded by a grant from BGIS and the Low Carbon Living CRC.  It aims are to:

1. Survey energy consumption at the tenancy, base-building, or whole building level.  This will be used to calculate "indicative" NABERS ratings, of the workspaces and buildings you manage on behalf of your client accounts using www.nabers.gov.au/public/WebPages/RatingCalculator.aspx?module=40. 

2. Compile assessed NABERS ratings, if the building is rated.

3. Use the data to inform BGIS client accounts, planning and operations and for this research project.


1. Compile the relevant information before starting the survey (see below).

2. Complete the survey online. This should take around 20 minutes. Please note, as the survey is in the cloud, there can be a slight delay before it accepts each response.

3. Once all the online surveys have been completed, the PhD student, Ann Godfrey, will contact you to arrange an interview during which you can explain the energy efficiency of the workspace and the building.


This survey first asks you about the workspace, the building and its occupancy and then takes you through on one of two paths:

1. If you answer "NO" to a question whether the tenancy is separately metered, you will be automatically taken to the section on whole building energy consumption. 

2. If you answer "YES" the tenancy is separately metered, you will automatically skip the whole building section but be required to fill in BOTH sections on the tenancy and base-building.

Please note if you manage the tenancy but a different company the base-building, or if the tenant pays their electricity bills directly, then additional information will need to be collected BEFORE commencing the survey.  In this situation please first email Ann Godfrey the PhD student who is conducting the survey: a.godfrey@unsw.edu.au for further information or with any questions.

After you have collected the information, completing the survey online should take approximately 20 minutes. 


We will protect your and your clients anonymity and the confidentiality within the limits of the law.  In any publications arising from the research, your name and that of the occupant company will be referred to by a pseudonym or numerical identifier. The data will be kept securely at the University of Melbourne for five years from the date of publication and may be destroyed after this time.


A summary of the findings will be available to BGIS.  You will also be given access to any journal articles and academic conference papers arising from the research. 

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* 2. Your details: 

 NOTE: This information will only be used for follow up questions. All data will be anonymous in research publications.

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* 3. Your consent:
1. I consent to participate in this project, the details of which have been explained to me in the above plain written language.
2. I understand that my participation will involve completing this survey and an follow up interview.
3. I agree that the researcher may use the results as described.
4. I acknowledge that:

(a) the possible effects of participating in the survey have been explained to my satisfaction;
(b) I have been informed that I am free to withdraw from the project at any time without explanation or prejudice and to withdraw any unprocessed data I have provided;
(c) the project is for the purpose of research;
(d) I have been informed that the confidentiality of the information I provide will be safeguarded subject to any legal requirements;
(e) I have been informed that with my consent the results of this survey will be stored at University of Melbourne and will be destroyed after five years;
(f) My name and that of the occupant company will be referred to by a pseudonyms and be "non-identifable" in any academic publications arising from the research.

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* 4. Do you manage a client account's tenancy or owner-occupied workspace which is between 1000 and 55000 square meters?
NOTE: The owner-occupied workspace of tenancy can be either single or multi-level within the one building.

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* 5. Do you manage the client account for a tenancy or owner-occupied office workspace within an office building?  
NOTE: An office building is one in which over 70% of its net lettable area is office space. The office workspace within it can be single or multi-level and a tenancy or owner-occupied workspace.

6% of survey complete.