* 1. Does your school have a Safety Education program that specifically addresses threats of gun violence to students and the school?

* 2. If your school has such a plan, has it been...

  Yes No Unsure
incorporated into the curricula for all grades and students?
presented to the school community?

* 3. Does your school offer workshops or classes focusing on firearm safety?

* 4. If yes above, to whom are they offered? [check all that apply]

* 5. Has the school posted rules regarding the presence of firearms in the school?

* 6. How often does the school conduct drills specifically focused on situations where a shooter is in the school or on school property?

* 7. Is there a police officer or other armed, uniformed official stationed at your school?

* 8. Are teachers at your school encouraged or discouraged from having firearms at the school?

* 9. Has your school taken any of the following steps to prevent a shooter from entering the school?
[check all that apply]

* 10. Does your school train students to identify and report individuals exhibiting aberrant mental health behaviors?