Education Law and Policy Society Membership Survey

ELPS is looking for law students to serve in the board and the publication editorial staff. Even if you are not interested in one of these positions but would like to join our organization as a regular member, please fill out this survey. 

ELPS will only have a limited number of events during the 2016-2017 academic school year to give potential members an idea of the time they will be committing to our organization. 

2016-2017 Events
1.    General Body Meetings (3 meetings, 1 hour each)
·      ELPS will only host one general body meeting per quarter for all members during the lunch period.
·      Dates are to be determined after we receive sufficient responses from our members regarding their availability.

2.    Board Meetings (approximately 9 meetings, no more than 1.5 hours each)
·      Board meetings will be held once per month or up to twice per month prior to our conference and publication launch event. Depending on the team's ability to organize work effectively, the number of meeting might or might not increase.

3.  "Washington Education Law and Policy Review" Launch Event
     2-3 ELPS members will present briefly on their publication articles and 1 guest speaker will talk about one education issue raised in our publication (this was Justice Yu last year). 

4.    Forces of Change Conference 
·     This year we held this conference during diversity week. The Forces of Change Mini-Conference: Recognizing Racial Barriers to Education was a success this year. Please visit our website for more information.

To see a copy of our publication, please visit our website. If you have any questions, please email

* 1. Please complete your contact information.

* 2. Include a brief description of why you want to be more involved with the Education Law & Policy Society.

* 3. In what capacity would you like to be involved in the Education Law and Policy Society for 2015-2016?

* 4. Please share what tasks and roles you would enjoy as a member of ELPS.

  Strongly Prefer (I really want to do this!) Somewhat Prefer Neutral (I'll do it if nobody else wants to.) Strongly dislike (Not for me!)
Director of Development: Handle the organization’s budget (drafting, submitting, and managing). Lead and develop short-term and long-term fundraising strategy to ensure sustainability of both the annual journal publication and conference.
Director of Events: Plan events for ELPS throughout the school year in coordination with other officers. Coordinate with other student organizations and CPLD on co-sponsoring events. Main events include the journal publication event and conference.
Director of Communications:Managing intra-group and outgoing communications. (Facebook group, MailChimp, and website administrator.) Making room reservations, distributing emails and announcements to the membership, and coordinating announcements.
Publication Chair: Lead and coordinate the "Washington Education Law and Policy Review" publication. 
Director of Pro-Bono: Create and lead a sustainable pro-bono project with other members. (Set up mentorship program at the juvenile detention center. Should be willing to take the Pro-Bono Advocacy Course.)
Editing the publication
Other: Please explain in comments box.

* 5. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?