* 1. 1. What is the name of your school?

* 2. What is the name of your school district?

* 3. What is your title at the school?

* 4. Does your school have an Incident Command Plan or similar set of procedures for dealing with a school shooting situation?

* 5. Has your school ever conducted an "active shooter" simulation?

* 6. What tactics have your school's faculty, staff, and administration been trained to use in the event of a shooter in the school? [check all that apply]

* 7. What provisions have been made to contact parents in the event of a school shooting? [check all that apply]

* 8. Are classroom doors at your school equipped with the ability to be locked from the inside by the teacher?

* 9. Has there ever been an incident involving a firearm at your school?

* 10. Any Comments and Suggestions:

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