[FLN - MasterMind Group] - Initial Application

[FLN - Master Mind - Groups]
There are many types of “MasterMind” groups, but the [FLN – MasterMind] groups will be structured as follows: 

Qualified and experienced attorneys/business owners will meet 2 times per month Via Zoom, for a 2 hour session to brainstorm and colloborate;  

During the [FLN – Master Mind] session, each business owner will get a chance to present his or her challenges, goals and objectives, while getting input from the other attorney/business owners. 

No more than 5 qualified attorneys/business owners from different areas of practice will be selected to participate in each [FLN – Master Mind] group.

The sessions will be extremely confidential to give all participants the opportunity to really discuss matters thoroughly and comfortably. 

-Applicants must be an attorney/business owner that has the ownership authority to implement the strategies and ideas that are presented by the group.

-Applicants must have a stable business and must be able to provide "value and benefit" to others on a consistent and regular basis.

[FLN - Members] - who qualify will be given priority, but non-member attorneys are also eligible to apply.

-Applicants will be selected based on the ability of the attorney/business owner to provide value and benefit to others.

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* 2. You must be an attorney to participate in these groups. What is your primary area of practice?

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* 3. How many years have you been in business?

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* 4. Why would you like to participate in the [FLN - MasterMind Group]?

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* 5. What is the current status of your business?

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* 6. Please describe how you can provide value and benefit to other business owners.

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* 7. Attendance for this type of Master Mind group is critical. Please indicate your level of commitment to attend and participate in these sessions as scheduled.

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