[FLN - MasterMind Group] - Initial Application

[FLN - Master Mind - Groups]
There are many types of “MasterMind” groups, but the [FLN – MasterMind] groups will be structured as follows: 

Qualified and experienced business owners will meet on a monthly basis for a  3 hour session to colloborate;  

During the [FLN – Master Mind] session, there will be a specific topic that will be presented, and then each business owner will get a chance to present his or her challenges, goals and objectives, while getting input from the other business owners. 

No more than 8 qualified business owners from different areas of practice or businesses will be selected to participate in the [FLN – Master Mind] group.

The sessions will be extremely confidential to give all participants the opportunity to really discuss matters thoroughly and comfortably. 

The [FLN – Master Mind] groups meetings will begin in September of 2019, and meet monthly through June of 2020.
Sessions will most likely be held on a Friday from 8:30am to 11:30am once per month – but final dates, times and venues of the meetings will be determined once the participants are selected.


-Applicants must be a business owner that has the ability to implement the strategies and ideas that are presented by the group.

-Applicants must have a stable business and must be able to provide value and benefit to others on a consistent and regular basis.

-Applicants must be available to meet on a monthly basis in the "live" MasterMind Group sessions.

[FLN - Members] - who qualify will be given priority, but non-members are also eligible to apply.

Applicants will be selected based on the type of business, and the ability of the ability of the business owner to provide value and benefit to others.

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* 2. Please describe your business. What product or service does your business primarily provide?

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* 3. How many years have you been in business?

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* 4. Why would you like to participate in the [FLN - MasterMind Group]?

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* 5. What is the current status of your business?

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* 6. Please describe how you can provide value and benefit to other business owners.

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* 7. Attendance for this type of Master Mind group is critical. Please indicate your level of commitment to attend and participate on in a 3 hour live session on a monthly basis.

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