HIS Schhol of Santo Nino Self-Organized Ultimate Learning Project

We would like to tap your K-12 expertise! We are looking for those of you familiar with Dr. Sugata Mitra's "minimally-invasive self-ganiized learning" method. For those of you not familiar this effort please see his "Hole in the Wall" presentation on www.ted.com. Our interest is to hear abour your experiences in guiding students in guided, independent studies. Is it working for you? If you were to start a new program with meager resources, what would you do?

* 1. Do you employ online lesson plans?

* 2. Would you say that you believe or have demonstrated that if left to their own direction, children can meet SLOs that they are given "up front", i.e. if the children know "what they need to know, and when they need to know it by", they will seek out that info with "minimally-invasive" direction?

  Strongly agree Agree Dot not agree Strongly disagree N/A
1. I believe
2. I have demonstated this
3. I am unaware that others have had success
4. I feel a blend of guided and independent stuy is the best choice for those with limited resources

* 3. Dear Folks!

If you have created or participated in self-directed, minimally funded blended K-12 education, please take a moment to outline your program or thoughts and be sure to offer us a link so we can follow your progress!

From the Freinds of HIS School of Santo Nino
Thank you & God Bless!