DC Net Impact is kicking off the year with its annual reception on Wednesday, January 29 from 6:30-9:00. Before the chapter meets over drinks, we'd love to get your input on the kinds of events you'd like to see DCNI put together for 2013.

This survey should take no more than 5 minutes. Please answer the questions below, and help shape the future of the chapter!

At the end of the survey you will receive a discount code to use for a 10% discount off of the ticket price of the January kick-off event. Please use this code when completing your ticket purchase through Eventbrite.

* 1. How has DC Net Impact membership benefited you in the past year?

* 2. Which kinds of events/opportunities would you like to see from DCNI in the coming year? (select all that apply)

* 3. In which subject areas would you like to see an increase in programming? (select top 3)

* 4. The areas most convenient for me to attend events in around DC include (select all that apply):

* 5. Special Events: Experts and Panelists.
The DC Net Impact Professional Chapter works hard to support and promote relationships with the local NI University Chapters. We often get requests for speakers, panelists, and 'content experts' to participate in events at both the university and professional chapters . Please indicate your interest below if you are willing to volunteer as speakers at these types of events.

* 6. Professional Chapter Membership satisfaction

  1 Very Unsatisfied 2 3 Neutral 4 5 Very Satisfied NA/I prefer not to respond
How satisfied are you with your DC Net Impact membership?

* 7. What would increase your satisfaction with your DC Net Impact Professional Chapter membership?

* 8. Are you a paid member of DC Net Impact?