This is the online version of the church membership information sheets that are inside of your Group Life book. Please answer the following questions and hit "all finished". When you do the information will be sent to the church leaders for review. Thank you for committing yourself to the ministry of Pillar Church.

* 1. Please Provide Your Name, mailing address, phone number and email in the box below.

* 2. Can you tell a little bit about your immediate family including their names and ages as well as your vocation and place of employment?

* 3. Please tell us about your relationship with Jesus Christ. Be sure to include what your life was like before becoming a Christian, How and when you became a Christian and how your life has changed since becoming a Christian.

* 4. Have you ever been baptized?

* 5. The Bible teaches that God gives Christian's special gifts to help the local church. Below is a list of the spiritual gifts that are listed in the scripture. Please check the ones that you think you possess.

* 6. Please check those personality traits that generally apply to you.

* 7. Please check the boxes that represent areas where you have some skill.

* 8. Please check the following statements that are true of you: