* 2. Why do you think members do not attend NCMA North Texas events? (Choose up to 2)

* 3. What are you looking for? Please select 3 topics.
In the next program year, please rate, in order of interest, the following general topics for meetings

* 4. Where do you want to Meet? What meeting venue most appeals to you? (Choose one location)

* 5. Let's talk money. What is a "fair price" for a dinner meeting that you are willing to pay, which includes a meal? (Choose one option)


* 7. Let's talk about you, again. Where do you work? (Choose the option that best describes you.)

* 8. Let's talk about you one more time! Please click the demographic data that best applies to you (Choose all that apply to you!)

* 9. How did we do this year (09/16 - 05/17)? (Please slide the dial to the value that best evaluates our performance this year!)

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