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* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What is your ethnicity/race?

* 4. What is your major?

* 5. What is your HSA concentration?

* 6. In what country did you study abroad?

* 7. What university did you attend?

* 8. What is the name of the program sponsor?

* 9. Please select the semester(s) you attended.

* 10. Please rate the following aspects of your academic program abroad.

  Poor Fair Good Excellent N/A
Biology Courses
Chemistry Courses
Computer Science Courses
Engineering Courses
Mathematics Courses
Physics Courses
Humanities Courses
Laboratories and Science Facilities
Computer Labs/Internet accessability
Library and Other Research Facilities
Student-Faculty Relationships
Academic Advising

* 11. Did you take any major courses while abroad? If YES, please indicate the course name and its equivalent HMC course.

* 12. Please list any courses (with instructor's names) that you would HIGHLY recommend and any that you would caution a future participant to avoid (please include reasons why).

* 13. Did the academic experiences effectively supplement the study of your major or your education (in general) at HMC?

* 14. Was there a language requirement for the program?