Every person, community and voluntary organisation in Kent can be part of the Kent LINk.

There are no strings or obligations - you can join and get involved at any level you want:

* Just to receive the LINk newsletter to keep up to date, or
* Get information about a LINk event in your area, or
* Have the opportunity to take part in consultations, or
* Be informed about changes to health and social care services in Kent, or
* Take part in surveys and opinion polls, or
* On-line discussions or attend a meeting and contribute to the improvement of a service you use, or
* Join a focus group or other information gathering forum, or
* Become a "mystery shopper", and visit health and social care premises to check on standards

These are just some of the ways you might wish to get involved

If you are interested click on NEXT (you may need to scroll down) and become a part of The Kent LINk.