Pairing Scheme for Scientists, Parliamentarians and Civil Servants

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Thank you for your interest in the Royal Society Pairing Scheme.

Please note that the following application form is for scientists only. Civil Servants who wish to take part in the scheme will have to submit their applications to the Government Office for Science.

Important notice:
Before you start completing this application form, please make sure that you are prepared to answer the following 4 questions as you will not be able to save your answers online:

1. Please provide a lay summary of your research interests (max. 200 words)

2. What other relevant experience such as science policy, outreach work or science communication activities do you have? (max. 200 words)

3. Why would you like to participate in the scheme? (max. 200 words)

4. If you had the chance, which one question would you ask the UK Science Minister? (max. 200 words)

In addition to this application form we require your CV and a completed Diversity Monitoring Form (you can download this form on our Pairing Scheme website).

Please email your CV and completed Diversity Monitoring Form to:

We look forward to receiving your application!