1. Velojoy Reader Survey - Spring 2013

Your feedback is important to us as we strive to enhance the velojoy.com user experience. Please help us better understand your needs and interests by completing the brief survey below. THANK YOU!

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* 5. What do you consider the most compelling reason to ride a bicycle? (Check one only.)

* 6. What concerns, if any, do you have about riding a bicycle in the city? (Check up to three.)

* 7. What do you consider the most credible sources of information about bicycling? (Check up to three.)

* 8. What categories of information about bicycling are most useful to you? (Check up to four.)

* 9. How did you first hear about velojoy.com?

* 10. What changes or additions would you recommend to make velojoy.com more useful to you in 2013? Do you have a specific question you would like us to answer in an upcoming post?