1. Health and Medical Decision Making--Providers


I am conducting a study about how patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers handle uncertainty when they make medical decisions (UHD CPHS #26-14).

You have accessed the questionnaire for HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS. Here is the link to the questionnaire for patients and caregivers: http://svy.mk/1ct0UJj

Please volunteer to participate in this online questionnaire where you share your experiences pertaining to this topic.

In this questionnaire, you have the option to volunteer or withhold whatever details you see fit. You are not required to provide any details that you do not feel comfortable or permitted to share. Your participation will help improve models for making more effective healthcare decision products.

If you consent to participate, you will answer questions for inclusion into the study, about your demographics, and about how you handle making medical decisions in the face of uncertainty. None of your answers will be linked to any personal or identifying information about you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at roundtreea@uhd.edu or 713-222-5315. In order to be included in this study, please read the informed consent information.