* 1. How engaging/interesting was this unit overall?

* 2. How engaging/interesting the 'Hook Event' where you were presented with the problems by the industry representatives and participated in the 'empathy interviews'? (leave this question if you weren't at school on this day)

* 3. How engaging did you find the Design Thinking Process?

* 4. Would you say that the Design Thinking Process Guide helped you to come up with new ideas?

* 5. Could you see the connections between the STEM work, the Industrial Revolution work and the Science practicals?

* 6. How effective was the Shark Tank as a culminating event for the unit?

* 7. How important were each of the General Capabilities in completing this unit?

  Not important at all Some importance Moderately important Reasonably important Very important
ICT capability
Critical and Creative Thinking
Personal and Social capability
Ethical Understanding
Intercultural Understanding

* 8. List as many jobs related to this unit that you can think of (not just one or two!):

* 9. Considering the unit:

* 10. Who wins the Grand Final?