* 1. For this survey, we're looking for replies from folks who do (or have done) OTHER types of transcription besides medical. Please tell us the type of other transcription you do (or did). Check as many as are applicable. As a first look, we are looking to gain initial information and may construct another survey from this data.

* 2. How do you find this type of work?

* 3. Do you make more money doing this work over medical transcription? How much are you making, estimation per hour. Please describe.

* 4. Do you work directly for clients or via a middle man (similar to an MTSO in the medical industry)?

* 5. Does the other industry in which you transcribe pose the same or similar problems as the medical transcription industry? Please describe.

* 6. Is the work plentiful?

* 7. Describe the technical logistics involved in doing this work. Is it similar to medical work? Do you pick up tapes, go to the meeting and tape the discussion, etc?

* 8. Anything else to add? I'm a little green on the topic and not entirely sure what to ask, but I think this is something MTs need to be considering.