SFCC 2016 Capital Improvement Projects

This short questionnaire lists potential FY 2017 Capital Project funding requests for Scenic Foothills. Please rank in order of their importance. Your responses will be compiled with others and forwarded to the Municipality. More information on these proposed projects is on the SFCC website at http://scenicfoothills.org/council/capital-improvement-projects-cip/ (a new browser window will open).

The initial order of the items does not indicate a priority ranking. The order of the items will change according to the rankings you assign. Click in the drop down menus to assign a number or drag and drop items in the lists. When you are finished, click DONE to save your answers.

* 1. Rank your priorities for the listed Public Works funding requests.

* 2. Rank your priorities for State of Alaska funded requests.

* 3. Rank your priorities for Parks and Recreation project funding requests.

* 4. Would you like to recommend additional projects for the lists?

* 5. Please enter name, physical address and e-mail addresses; survey is limited to Scenic Foothills residents.