What is the role of the AADC?
The Club’s Executive Committee undertook a review of the Club and its reason for being.

The industry landscape is ever-changing, and the Club needs to adapt to market conditions to ensure its relevance and value.

To that end, a clear and succinct brand purpose has been developed:

To inspire, promote and defend the commercial creative services industry of Adelaide.

Inspire through education, events and awards.
Nurturing the next generation of creative industry professionals is a priority for the Club.

Expansion of the services provided by our Education Subcommittee is essential for the ongoing prosperity of the industry and relevance of our Club.

While the social and networking opportunities provided via various events are important, more emphasis will be placed upon creating inspirational and thought-provoking activities.

These will include several ticketed and free events for students and members, and the reintroduction of a student category for our awards.

Promote by consistently bringing the creative standards and output of our industry to the attention of the wider business community.

Many within the industry are aware of the high calibre of work created and the companies or individuals behind it. Unfortunately, too few outside the industry are similarly aware.

We are in the consultation phase of creating a high-profile vehicle to showcase the very best work of the industry to the public, but more importantly, to the wider business community of Adelaide.

Defend by working with government and businesses to encourage them to buy local.

Key issues such as changes to the cumbersome, expensive and inefficient government procurement process, free pitching, the brain drain, marketing funds increasingly being spent interstate and growing the state’s share of federal government advertising in line with our share of GDP, are an example of the topics on the Club’s agenda.

While we are pro competition, we believe there is a need to highlight and attempt to stem the slow bleeding of revenue and talent from the state.
The AADC Awards.
Our commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards for our annual creative awards remains resolute.

We operate in a world market and it is important our work is judged by world standards.

Initiatives are under consideration to extend the relevance of our awards to the wider business community, such as a Client Award judged and awarded by senior Adelaide marketers and the re-introduction of a Student Award to inspire and promote emerging talent.

However, there are many organisations and individuals for whom awards are of little or no relevance. Therefore, we believe the Club needs to do more than host an annual awards event.

Embracing Asia.
Preliminary discussions have commenced on a way for the best creative minds of Adelaide to be inspired and challenged by their Asian peers, then share that experience with members.

In much the same way the winners of the Gold Siren has their work entered into Cannes, with the winning team and client being sent to the Cannes Lions as delegates, the Club is exploring a similar concept with the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity.

Addressing the gender imbalance.
The Club needs more, and wants to do more, for women in our industry.

While women represent more than half of those employed in the industry, they only account for about a third of our subcommittee members and embarrassingly, less than 15% of our Executive Committee.

But, aside from wanting more women on board, we want to do more and are seeking to put together a steering committee to create the framework for an annual event with the working title of the Creative Industry Businesswomen’s Forum.

This will not be a talkfest or social gathering, and it will be more than just a networking luncheon.

The Club wants to create a highly relevant and inspiring event with genuine, actionable outcomes to address issues facing women in our industry.

So, the AADC believes it has a clear direction and has created several initiatives designed to broaden its appeal and add value.

It is staffed by a small group of dedicated and passionate volunteers who believe the AADC should inspire, promote and defend the commercial creative services industry of Adelaide.

But that’s our opinion, what’s yours?

We look forward to receiving your completed survey.