Project Information statement

You are about to take part in a research investigating the role of relationship management in project performance in South Africa, this research is conducted by Lesego Vincent Mogokotleng, ( +27 72 7994470) as part of the fulfillment of BSc Honors degree in Quantity Surveying at the University College of Estate Management Horizons, 60 Queen’s Road, Reading, RG1 4BS, United Kingdom .This research is supervised by Evelyn Stroud There is no obligation to complete this survey, participation is voluntary and the participant may withdraw at any time, even after successful submission of the online questionnaire, the participant may contact the researcher or the supervisor to retract their participation in the survey.

Data Protection Statement

To guarantee the confidentiality and anonymity of research participants: All data collected will be held securely. All reporting will be in an aggregated form. The researcher will ensure that reporting will not identify any participant either expressly or by implication. The researcher will not collect identifying personal or sensitive data in this research apart from sex and age range of participants, hence there is no need for pseudonymising or annonymizing of data collected. To prevent unauthorized access/use or accidental loss the collected data will be encrypted. The data will be retained in encrypted format on personal laptop and flash disks kept in a safe place at home. The retention period will be until the researcher has completed the BSc Honors program. Thereafter all the data will be deleted or erased from computers and flash disks.

Question Title

* 1. I have read and understood the project Information and data protection statements above and consent to part take in the survey.

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