Resistance of Soft Scales and Mealybugs to Insecticides - Commonly Used in Interiorscape Plantscapes

Dear Industry Member:
My name is Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd and I am an associate professor/extension specialist in ornamental entomology and integrated pest management at Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS). I have been conducting research associated with pest management of interiorscape insect pests for several years; primarily against the brown soft scale, citrus and longtailed mealybugs. I have also been involved in developing publications for the interiorscape industry (Tips On Managing Problems In Interior Plantscapes). My graduate student, Amy Willmott is conducting an extensive research project in which we are evaluating resistance development in brown soft scale, citrus mealybug and longtailed mealybug populations’ in general indoor environments.

Insecticide resistance is a concern among interior plantscape companies across the USA. As the cost of developing new insecticides becomes more expensive, the need to preserve existing insecticides is even more critical. Currently, there is no baseline information associated with the resistance of soft scales and mealybugs to commonly used insecticides.

The goals of our proposed research are:
1. Determine the extent of resistance that soft scale and mealybug populations are developing to systemic insecticides commonly used in interiorscapes and conservatories.

2. Understand the resistance mechanisms in soft scale and mealybug populations.

3. Justify the importance of rotating insecticides with different modes of action in order to preserve existing insecticides.

This survey will allow us to better understand the major arthropod pest problems that you encounter, as well as discern the application strategies that are currently being used to control these arthropod pest populations. Please complete the survey as thoroughly as possible and return it to us. If you have any questions or comments regarding the survey or our research please feel free contact us.
We really appreciate your assistance and look forward to hearing from you.

Raymond A. Cloyd, Ph.D, Associate Professor/Extension Entomologist

Amy Willmott, Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Entomology
Kansas State University
123 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-532-4750