Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) Survey

Please help us plan TDOR

* 1. Did you attend TDOR in 2017

* 2. Why do you feel TDOR is important? (please number as to importance)

* 3. How did you hear about TDOR

* 4. Do you live in Dayton or surrounding suburbs?

* 5. Do you identify as:

* 6. Do you want TDOR to reflect more of a focus/theme?

* 7. What type of setting for a TDOR event would you like to see?

* 8. What TYPE of indoor setting would you feel comfortable/prefer to meet at?

* 9. Would you prefer a Private indoor meeting place?

* 10. Please remember sometimes great cost come with some meeting places such as The Shuster & Riverscape, would you be willing to donate to secure this venue?

* 11. What day would you prefer to honor TDOR in 2018

* 12. What would you prefer to see at TDOR? Please rate these in order least to
most important.

  No Least desired Somewhat desired Yes I like this Most desired
Guest speakers for short 5 minute presentations
Guest speaker for a longer (20 minute) presentation
Panel discussion with Q & A
Documentary movie with a follow-up discussion
Reading of the names of the deceased persons being honored
Candle lighting
Reception with refreshments
A march

* 13. What type of speaker would you like to hear?

* 14. Do you have someone in mind?

* 15. Do you want a panel discussion:

* 16. What type of program would you prefer after the speakers?

* 17. What style of program would you like TDOR to reflect?

* 18. Would you like to see a march?

* 19. Are you comfortable attending a TDOR?

* 20. Do you think you would be more comfortable with security present

* 21. What special accommodations would you need to be able to attend TDOR?

* 22. Would you be willing to help with the event

* 23. Name and address if you wish to help plan