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The Special Events Committee invites Sangha input on ideas for events and activities that will enable the Rochester Zen Center (RZC) to connect with the wider community in Rochester, NY and beyond. Specifically, this survey seeks your feedback on: (1) the RZC 50th anniversary in 2016, and (2) RZC activities and events throughout the year that welcome public interaction.

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts about activities intended to foster community outreach, as well as your ideas for the RZC 50th anniversary in 2016. We want your ideas, half-formed, fully hatched, or out of the ball park! The survey allows you to re-enter and edit your responses up until the point you complete the final question #14. While we are seeking to get a feel for the kinds of public activities that Sangha members are thinking about, our ability to carry them out will depend on the availability of resources. Thank you for contributing to this important survey.

The deadline to complete this survey is Sunday, March 23 at midnight (U.S. eastern standard time).