The University of Vermont Extension is working to compile information on oilseed production in the northeast. This information will be used to guide future research, identify management concerns, and quantify production information. You can skip any questions you don't want to answer or are unsure of, but the more information the better!

The survey will help guide our work to best align with what is meaningful and of immediate need to you as a grower. In addition, we will use the responses to gauge the effects our work has and to help fund future projects, so even if you have answered similar questions in the past, we would like to hear from you. We really appreciate your time!

* 1. Please tell us about yourself...

(You can skip this question if you'd like to remain anonymous)

* 2. May we contact you to follow up with more questions and/or visit your farm?

* 3. Oilseed growing status

* 4. Is your farm...

* 5. What type of tillage practice(s) do you use?

* 6. How many total acres do you farm?

* 7. What purpose does your oilseed crop serve? (Check all that apply.)