* 1. Which programs did you schedule your child in for this year? Please include any that apply.

* 2. How did you learn about the program?

* 3. Are you considering signing your child up for youth sports in Miami again?

* 4. Comment Question: Do you have more than one child playing a sport at one time? Please indicate yes or no.  What sports are they playing and why.

* 5. If you were tasked with improving pride in our community, what plan of action would  you put in place?

* 6. Which of the following sports will your child play in 2017?

* 7. Is there a sport your child used to play but is not playing anymore? And why?

* 8. Please select a reason you chose to register your child in youth sports in Miami.

* 9. Do you feel the leagues overlap each other and your child chooses one sport over the other?

* 10. What could City of Miami do to attract more kids  to play in youth sports?

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