We, the undersigned Postdoctoral Scholars, ratify and put forth these bargaining demands for our successor agreement.  These demands are intended to improve equity at UW and advance the mission of the University to serve the public through research, education, and public service.
  • Improve Postdoc compensation to address economic insecurity amidst rising costs of living, federal attacks on non-citizen scholars, and to keep pace with wages at other institutions and employees at UW.
  • Provide equal health insurance benefits to all Postdocs, regardless of source of funding or citizenship status.
  • Improve campus climate, expand education/training on countering intersectional forms of oppression, support underrepresented groups, and eliminate discrimination and harassment.
  • Improve support for caregivers.  Postdocs with children or other family responsibilities bear extraordinary costs and pressures, and need additional support in the interest of continuing their research progress and ensuring gender equity.
  • Improve appointment security to match research needs and minimize precarity, particularly in the midst of the pandemic and in light of increased attacks on international scholars.
  • Maintain all other existing terms of the Postdoc CBA not addressed above.

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