How Are We Doing?

We're committed to monitoring the quality of the services we provide, as part of an ongoing improvement process. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance. (All submissions are anonymous.)

* 1. Please rate the following aspects of our work.

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor Unacceptable
Providing scores quickly during trial
Communicating clearly and effectively
Responding promptly to problems
Providing reasonable prizes and ribbons
Creating an enjoyable competition environment
Keeping you informed of progress of entry prior to trial

* 2. Overall, how do you rate the quality of the Reliant Agility Trial?

* 3. Did you like the 24" spaced weave poles?

* 4. Did you like the new rubberized Contact Equipment?

* 5. Did you experience any ring conflicts?

* 6. Did your conflict arise from...

If your conflict was due to agility please answer Questions 7-9.

* 7. Were your conflicts in the same class levels?

* 8. Which class level was the most conflicted? Check the levels which were conflicting for you.

* 9. If your ring conflicts were caused by other agility rings which class was the most conflicted?

* 10. What if anything would you like changed next year?
(excluding footing since options at this time are limited, but our goal is to upgrade it when possible)

* 11. Was Crating Space Adequate?

* 12. How important are the following for you?

  Not Really Little Some What Very
New Title Ribbons
Course Maps

* 13. What did you like least about the trial?

* 14. What did you like best about the trial?

* 15. Based on our performance this year, how likely is it that you will enter again next year future?

* 16. If you have any suggestions regarding how we could improve the services we provide to you, please enter them in the box below.