Dear Trail User and Provider,

The Michigan Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (Department) are charged with the responsibility to establish a plan for a statewide trail network. The plan will identify a vision for the State of Michigan's trail network, and actions that the state and partners can take to improve the network. It is our goal to have Michigan become known as "The Trail State."

Your opinion is valuable to this process. With your help, we'll be more informed about the quality and quantity of Michigan's trail system and actions that we can take to improve the system. With this information, we can ensure that the trail plan meets the needs of trails users and helps to position Michigan as "The Trail State"

As a critical step in this process, I am asking that you assist us by taking this survey. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Your identity nor your email address will be revealed to the Department (unless you are interested in receiving more information about trails) when you return the survey.

Your involvement in preparing the trail plan is valued. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Donna Stine at Please share with other trail users.

Thank you for your time, candor, and good ideas. Please finalize the survey by January 25, 2013.