Sibling refers to brother or sister, half-brother or sister, step brother or sister or child of the parent/carer's partner who is living as part of the same family (From: Local Authority admission criteria)
Parent is defined as any adult who has 'parental responsibility' for a child or young person. This is irrespective of any specific relationship between the adult and the child or young person (From: Education Act 1996)

* 1. When considering the definition of a disabled person given in the letter, do you consider this to include you or your child?


* 2. Please indicate which of the following this survey covers (it can be more than one)

* 3. Is the school aware of the potential needs of the person indicated above?

* 4. Have you had a suitable opportunity to make the school aware of these needs either verbally, at a meeting or in writing?

* 5. Do you feel the school has responded to you or your child's needs effectively?

* 6. Do you feel that you or your child's disability has excluded them from any aspect of school life?

* 7. Is there any way the school could improve their response to you or your child's needs?

* 8. Has your child's disability in any way prevented them accessing the full curriculum?

* 9. Please use the space below to add any additional comments you feel might be relevant with respect to this area

The school is obliged to consider the views of disabled students within their Accessibility Plan. If you are happy to help, please include contact details below. This will help Raynes Park High School to become more accessible for users with a disability.

* 10. Optional: