Introducing a Raw Food Cafe to the Denver area

Raw Food is an exciting diet option for a wide variety of people that many find unnaproachable or intimidating for various reasons. Some people haven't heard of it at all.

The philosophy behind Raw Food is to eat food that is natural, organic, seasonal, and with very limited processing. Food is generally not heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit which is the current accepted norm for the temperature at which food enzymes begin to break down. Food can be dehydrated, blended, juiced, frozen, and otherwise prepared in a holistic manner where the enzymes and nutrients are as fully and naturally preserved as possible.

Due to many recipes requiring much prep and waiting time, it might be a good idea to have a cafe availale where people can get snacks, smoothies, or entire meals prepared in this naturalistic way and keep it affordable. There are even possibilities of a subscription and delivery program for those needing in-home food preparation services for special dietary needs such as gluten intolerance, dairy itolerance, or other allergies and ailments.

Recipe and meal options range from imitating your average food items like mashed potatoes, pesto pasta, or an entire Thanksgiving spread to being a unique item that doesn't try to imitate a Standard American Diet but utilizes unique flavors and textures, i.e. balsamic "roasted" squash, baby bok choy salad, kale chips, or a sweet potato smoothie.

Price ranges might be $3-6 for a small side or snack item or smoothie. $10-25 for an entire meal around breakfast or lunch and $15-30 for dinner. Specials, local coupons, and a "after 10 purchases, 1 meal free" things would be available in various forms at various times of year.

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