The IMEC Lab (Internet Marketing Experimental Cooperative) is a group of web marketers dedicated to uncovering knowledge about how search & social platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter operate. We pursue confirmation of hypotheses by quitely performing live tests on the web, and sharing the results publicly once experiments have ended.

IMEC Lab is run by Rand Fishkin of Moz. For details, visit the blog post:

* 1. Your First & Last Name:

* 2. Your Email Address:

* 3. Where do you currently live?

* 4. What company do you work for (if self-employed/unemployed/contracting/retired, feel free to enter these as your answer)?

The application will be asking for your social media accounts and websites you control/own. We do this to help validate the assistance your participation can provide to various experiments.

* 5. Your Twitter alias:

* 6. Number of followers on Twitter:

* 7. Your LinkedIn URL:

* 8. Your Google+ URL:

* 9. Number of Circles You're In on Google+:

* 10. Facebook URL (enter only if you have a "public" Facebook page/profile):

* 11. Number of Facebook "Likes" of Your Page

* 12. Enter the domains/URLs of any websites you own/control (and would be willing to help run experiments with, e.g. by adding a link from pages on them, setting up a test URL, etc):

* 13. Are you willing, able, and excited (gotta have good emotions around this stuff!) to do each of the following:

  Yes! Maybe. No. N/A
Temporarily add/remove links to external URLs on your website/page(s)
Create new URLs/content on your website(s)
Perform searches in Google/Bing/et al
Send tweets from your Twitter account
+1 URLs while logged-in to your Google account
Share URLs/content from your Google+ account
Share URLs/content from your public Facebook account
Share URLs/content from your LinkedIn account