Richton Park residents, we want to hear from you! Share with us how you use or would like to use the Community Center in the follow questions below. Leave all the feedback you'd like; we value your feedback! We want to help the Richton Park Community Center be your number one neighborhood destination for community events.

* 1. How often do you attend events in Richton Park ?

* 2. How often do you visit the Richton Park Community Center?

* 3. Have you ever used or rented a room at the Community Center?

* 4. What types of Special Events would you attend if they were held in the Community Center?

* 5. If you do not participate in activities in the Community Center, why not?

* 6. What types of activities would you participate in if they were available in the Community Center?

* 7. Do you have any suggestions on how to generally use the Community Center?