1. Thank you for your answers.

* 1. Are you interested in Natural Chilbirth?

* 2. If you have given birth in Columbia, have you recieved the birth care you wanted?

* 3. Please choose which of the following ways you prepared to give birth. Choose all that apply.

* 4. Please pick all of the anwers that apply to your birth experiences:

* 5. Please choose the answers that apply to your recent experiences after giving birth:

* 6. Which of the following statements best describes the way you feel about Columbia, MO birth choices?

* 7. Please take a moment to list any specific questions, concerns, or problems you have faced regarding the Columbia area birth choices.

* 8. Please take a moment to recognize specifically the care providers you worked with, the location that you gave birth, any other birth proffessionals you have worked with and a short review of these services. Your comments are anonymous.

* 9. Please chose a grade to give your Columbia area birth experience.

* 10. Please include your email address if you wish to be contacted further about this issue.