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The Regional Trauma and Emergency Health Care System must complete this self assessment with stakeholder participation. This tool is designed to standardize the annual assessment for the regional advisory councils in Texas. The regional trauma, prehospital, perinatal, stroke, cardiac, and emergency healthcare system must continually work to improve the delivery of care and outcomes through partner ships with public, private, and voluntary sectors. The system plan needs to ensure all populations across Texas receive the benefits of a coordinated system of care. The regional system should strive for an inclusive (all healthcare facilities and all prehospital provider participation) system. This includes the integration of the rural and remote healthcare providers.
The region must address all elements of the self-assessment and achieve a minimum score of 3 for each element. If a score of 3 is not achieved, the RAC must develop an action plan to achieve a minimal score of 3 over the next twelve months. A score of 4 demonstrates the region is meeting and exceeding the minimum requirements but can continue to improve. If a score of 5 is reached, the RAC is considered a best-practice model for this element and should consider sharing its practices with other regional, state, and national stakeholders.
Please use the following criteria to assess your region’s progress in system development:

Score Progress Scoring
0 Not Known
1 Elements Not Documented
2 Elements Documented with On-going Needs
(Minimal requirements not met and needs improvement.)
3 Basic Regional System in Place
(Meets minimal requirements with opportunities for improvement.)
4 Advanced Regional System
(Meets and exceeds requirements with some opportunities for improvement.)
5 Best Practice Regional System
(Meets and exceeds the minimum requirements.)
Instructions for Completion of the Self-Assessment:
The Regional Trauma and Emergency Healthcare Advisory Council (RAC) Self-Assessment Tool is designed to be completed with the regional stakeholder and the RAC staff.
2. The RAC Executive Director or Chair will assign specific sections to the various committees for review and completion.
3. The RAC leaders, stakeholders and committee members review the current RAC activities, documents, to include procedures, protocols, guidelines, and website to score the specific elements.
4. If the specific elements do not fit into a defined committee, the element will be scored by the RAC board after reviewing the RAC activities, documents, to include procedures, protocols, guidelines, and website.
5. The RAC will complete an assessment of all elements and assign a score.
6. Once all the elements have been assessed and scored, the RAC leaders, stakeholders, and committee members will identify those elements that have a score less than 3.
7. The RAC leaders will assign those elements with an assessment score of less than 3 to the various committees to develop an action plan to move the assessment score of 1 or 2 to a 3.
8. Assessment elements that do not align with the various committee and have an assessment score less than 3, will have their action plan developed by the RAC board.
9. All action plans must follow the “SMART” goal format: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound.
10. Assessment elements with a score of 5, are identified as “best practice” models.
11. The RAC leaders, stakeholder, and committees will develop a paper, PowerPoint, Ted-Talk, Youtube, or other process to share the best practices with other RACs at the RAC Executive Director / Chairs meeting, EMS Conference, or other forum within the next twelve months.
12. The completed self-assessment scoring tool, action plans, and best practice model sharing modalities documents are included in the RACs annual report.

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