* Name:

* Date/Time:

* 1. What is your relationship to the St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church (check all that apply)

* 2.  Is the parish doing a good job of serving the needs of its parishioners?

* 3.  In your opinion, what is the one outstanding quality or strength of the parish?

* 4.  In your opinion, are there any challenges for the parish?

* 5.  What is your general reaction to the project priorities noted on the Renderings document, located at click here 

* 6.  Do you have any observations about the proposed “completion campaign” i.e. additional needs?

* 7.  Do you think $2.5 million can be raised in a fund raising campaign directed toward the “completion” campaign to restore and renovate our church?

* 8. With regard to your own involvement, would you:

  Yes No Possibly
Give to the campaign
Serve as a leader
Solicit gifts
Host a reception

* 9.  Would you support the campaign at a level above and beyond your regular support of St. Lawrence Catholic Church if pledges could be paid over a three to five year period?

* 10.  This is not a solicitation, but it would be helpful for planning purposes if you could estimate the potential range of your campaign gift (above and beyond your regular giving) over a three to five year period:

* 11.  Would you consider naming St. Lawrence Martyr as a bequest recipient in your estate plans?

* 12.  Do you believe the proposed “completion” campaign should proceed?