Sprinkles is available through Maternova

Here are the basics about Sprinkles.
Sprinkles is typically given to children ages 6 to 24 months. However, it can be provided to children up to 5 years in age successfully. A box of 30 sachets. Each sachet includes:

Iron 12.5 mg
Zinc 5 mg
Folic Acid 160 μg
Vitamin A 300 μg RE
Vitamin C 30 mg

* 1. How many children are you interested in providing with Sprinkles?

* 2. How many Sprinkles sachets would you order in your first order?

* 3. How time sensitive is your need for Sprinkles?

* 4. Do you know if your country already uses Sprinkles anywhere?

* 5. Do you know of any other groups who would be interesting in aggregating an order with you? If so, please send them the link to this survey.

* 6. Do you have an interest in a recurrent order of Sprinkles?

* 7. After your first order, if all goes well would you order a larger number of Spinkles?

* 8. Anything else you'd like to add?