Sprinkles micronutrient powder is available through Maternova

Here are the basics about Sprinkles Micronutrient powders (MNPs):

Sprinkles are a micronutrient powder that is 'sprinkled' over the food and is typically given to children ages 6 to 24 months. Recently the World Health Organization noted that Sprinkles are recommended and used in very young children ages 6-23 months and also in children age 2 up to age 12.  

Because of their high need for vitamins and minerals, children are at risk of micronutrient deficiencies in many low resource settings (especially iron, Vitamin A and zinc).  A team at Sick Kids Hospital, Canada, developed and tested the idea 20 years ago and found that nutrient status could be improved significantly without disrupting usual food intake customs and patterns, by sprinkling the MNPs over food at home, school or in a refugee camp.

The MNPs are typically distributed in single sachets (we are offering 150-serving  larger packages for more efficient group feeding and lower cost of packaging).

Each sachet can include just the basics (see below) or a much wider set of micronutrients:

Iron 12.5 mg
Zinc 5 mg
Folic Acid 160 μg
Vitamin A 300 μg RE
Vitamin C 30 mg

Maternova has received some demand for bulk micronutrient powders-- enough in a box to feed 100 children at a time in a camp or orphanage setting. 

Maternova is also interested in whether 'packaged in the USA' version of the builk micronutrient powder is of interest to humanitarian groups shipping from the U.S and Canada.

* 1. How many children are you interested in providing with Sprinkles?

* 2. Would you be interested in a bulk package to feed 50, 100 or 150 children from a group food source (porridge, soup, etc)--please describe the setting (orphanage, camp, school) and describe your needs?

* 3. How many Sprinkles sachets would you order in your first order?

* 4. Do you know if your country already uses Sprinkles anywhere?

* 5. After your first order, if all goes well would you order a larger number of Sprinkles?

* 6. Do you know what formulation of Sprinkles you would need for your population or are you looking for expert input on this? And is malaria endemic in your area?

* 7. Are you aware of Ready to use therapeutic foods (RUTF) for acute and moderate malnutrition?  

* 8. Would your organization be interested in Sprinkles packaged in the United States in an FDA approved facility?