* The Office of the Ombudsman acts as a bridge between concerned citizens and the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice to ensure that the rights and safety of youth are protected by investigating allegations, conducting research, educating the community and providing recommendations for improvement.  Please take a few minutes to express your opinions about the availability and quality of care that our office provides in handling your concerns. Your answers are important to the success of this survey. If you desire, you can provide your name and date in the space below.

* The Ombudsman Office addressed my concerns in a courteous and professional manner.

* The Ombudsman Office acts in my best interest.

* Overall, I am satisfied with the Ombudsman Office.

* The Ombudsman Office is making a positive contribution to the agency.

* The Ombudsman Office responds to my inquiries in a timely manner.

* What is the likelihood that you will be contacting the Ombudsman Office in the near future?

* If you contacted the Ombudsman Office, have all of your problems been resolved to your satisfaction?

* If you would like to share any additional comments or experiences about the Ombudsman Office, please enter them below: