1. Morning Blend Music Host Job Description

Deadline for applications is Wednesday, November 5th, 2013.

Morning Blend Friday Music Host Job Description

KFAI is looking for a volunteer to serve as a regular music host during The Morning Blend on Fridays. Music Hosts are responsible for selecting music for the two hour broadcast from 6 to 8 am.

The assignment is to provide a mixture of music to accompany news elements inside a pleasant and informative wake-up show for KFAI’s listeners. Music hosts will work with the Morning Blend producer, news host and news director to craft a daily broadcast that provides a showcase for KFAI’s program schedule.

Accordingly, music presented during the Morning Blend should:

• Have a connection to KFAI’s existing programming
• Be appropriate for early morning listening
• Come in small enough chunks or be interruptible so that adequate time can be made for news features

Morning Blend Music Hosts:

• Are flexible and enjoy collaboration.
• Understand KFAI’s mission and have an awareness of the depth and breadth of KFAI’s programming.
• Are musical omnivores – interested in many genres and open to variety.
• Willing to share their knowledge of the music they love.
• Are comfortable presenting music they do not know well.
• Willing to do live phone and in-person interviews
• Friendly and cheerful at all times, or able to fake it
• Are aware of and interested in the day’s news and are willing and able to find an occasional musical connection to something happening on the international, national or local stage.

Successful candidates will be reliable, punctual, and approachable an early hour. The work schedule is 5:45 to 8 am.

* 1. Date of Application:


* 2. Your Name

* 3. Phone # and Email Address

* 4. Please describe any previous radio experience that you may have.

* 5. Are you capable of working as team player in a relaxed environment?

* 6. How reliable and flexible are you to show up early mornings?

* 7. Are you willing to commit one year to being a music host on The Morning Blend?

* 8. Which genres of music are you familiar with? Please feel free to elaborate and give examples.

* 9. Here is a sample schedule for one hour of KFAI’s Morning Blend. As music host, you are responsible for filling the segments labeled “ Music / Talk”

Drawing on brief descriptions of the news features and your own sense for what people might enjoy hearing in the morning, list some tunes you would consider playing in the five scheduled music segments.

You can program any style or genre that is heard on KFAI. Vocal or instrumental. The music does not have to relate to the news topics being discussed, however you may list selections which are connected or related to one or two of the topics discussed.

7:01 – 7:04 – News Update

7:04 – 7:10 - Music / Talk

7:10 – 7:15 - News feature – John Philip Sousa Memorial Band

7:15 – 7:20 – Music / Talk

7:20 – 7:23 – News Update

7:23 – 7:29 – Music / Talk

7:29 – 7:35 – News feature – Minneapolis Mayoral Contest – Cam Winton

7:35 – 7:40 – Music / Talk

7:40 – 7:43 – News Update

7:43 – 7:52 – News Feature – News Feature – Cinema Shanty – “Salinger”

7:47 – 7:59 – Music / talk

Below, please list your selection (Artist & Song), and why you have selected it: