Student Athlete Survey - Spring 2018

The results of this survey are going to be shared with coaches and used to improve our athletic programs. Please respond thoughtfully and honestly to the survey questions. Please provide specific examples when appropriate. Thank you for your dedication and effort during your athletic experience and hopes that it was a positive and meaningful experience.

* 1. What program(s) did you participate in? : __________

* 2. At what level did you participate?

* 3. How would you rate you overall experience?

* 4. How would you rate the coaching staff?

* 5. The coaching staff created a positive learning environment.

* 6. The coaching staff demonstrated good sportsmanship and acted with integrity at all times.

* 7. The coaching staff enforced team rules consistently.

* 8. Practices were well organized and productive. Learning targets were clearly communicated.

* 9. The coaching staff knows how to motivate individual student-athletes in a manner which helps improve performance.

* 10. This program helped me build character and develop as a person.

* 11. If I had a problem, I felt comfortable discussing it with my coach.

* 12. The expectations regarding attendance and academic requirements were clearly communicated by the coach and the athletic director.

* 13. What did you enjoy most about the program?

* 14. What did you enjoy least about the program?

* 15. What do you think could be done to improve the program for next season?

* 16. Please add any additional comments you would like.