MAC Restructuring Input

The restructuring options on the table are:
Option 1: D1-6 teams (10 matches H&A w/no playoff), D2-10 teams(9 matches EpE), D3 - remainder (EpE)

Option 2: D1-4 teams (6 matches H&A w/playoff), D2-10 teams(9 matches EpE), D3- remainder (EpE)

Option 3: D1-4 teams (6 matches H&A w/playoff), D2-8 teams(7 matches EpE), D3- remainder (EpE)

H&A - home and away schedule
EpE - Everyone plays Everyone

Details of options, team listing, and other notes captured are on

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* 3. Please rank your preference for the division structure options:

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* 4. USAR decided that all National Playoffs and Championships would happen in the spring season. Since the season is split into fall and spring, we purposefully schedule at least two matches in the spring so that newly recruited players can satisfy eligibility requirements leading to Nationals. Additionally, USAR has moved the post season play to June, giving us more time and weather considerations for the spring.
With regards to our approach in creating the 2015-2016 schedules, rank the following options:

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* 5. Promotion/Relegation should be:

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* 6. Any other thoughts or comments?