ConsortiumEAST 2016 | Awards

Each year, RG + Associates—together with the finance industry—pays tribute to organizations advocating engagement and advancing change. We are pleased to share this call for nominations with you. Help us identify and honor two standout investors (one institutional investor and one emerging manager fund) with an annual Consortium Stand-out Award.

Please review the criteria below, then submit your nominations by Monday, May 16th. Institutional investors, consultants, fund of funds, managers and others—whether attending the event or not—are invited to submit nominations. We also invite you to share this call for nominations with your colleagues.

* 1. Consortium Stand-out Institutional Investor Award
This institutional investor organization stands out for its an unwavering commitment to the growth and success of the emerging manager space—not the size of its EM allocation. Proactively seeking meetings with managers, sharing ideas with fellow LPs and managers, and advocating for greater engagement with diverse funds set this team apart. With sound, focused strategies in place, this LP organization continues to grow its emerging manager portfolios.

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* 2. Consortium Stand-out Emerging Manager Award
We’re seeking a small and/or diverse fund on the fast track. A strong track record, compelling strategy, cohesive team and operations poised to scale are the defining qualities of this GP. The team has a strong story to tell and knows how to communicates effectively with its target investors.

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